Hostel Laguun

Hostel “Laguun” is located on a picturesque coast of Peipsi lake, in the city of Kallaste, in the district Tartu of Estonia.

It is a small house capable of accomodating 10 guests with a beautiful beach with the waves of Peipsi lake rippling under its
windows, making it good place for swimming and suntanning.

The golden beach has two volleyball courts and the sandy shore is a perfect and safe place for children

to have fun during summer months.

You will have an excellent opportunity to watch the sun rise above the lake, and at night the moon’s reflection is glistening in the lagoon.The house has a perfect picnic area where you can have a barbeque, cook the catch of the day,or grill some steak.

Around the house there is a plenty of space for tents and caravans and in winter when the lake is covered with ice many fishing fans flock there. There is an angling shop called Peipsi Net which is just 100 meters away from our lagoon. After you have been fishing you can cook fresh fish dishes in our kitchen and make yourself warm next to the fireplace , watch some tv or listen music.

You can also visit some interesting places in the city of Kallaste:

• The red sandstone exposure of the Devonian period 700 meters long and up to 11 meters high
• The church of Old Believers – a wooden structure more than 200 years old.
• The Birthplace of the famous Estonian composer Edward Tubin.

Close to us:

• The castle in Alatskivi 7 km away from Kallaste built in 1880-1885 with architecture resembling Balmoral Castle, the residency of the English Queen Victoria
• 18 kilometers away in Kolkja there is a fabulous fish restaurant and nearby you can visit the museum of Old Believers.